4K network IP security cameras tend to offer you more detail and clearer video images because of the higher pixel count.

4K Ultra High Resolution

4K provides clearer and more accurate images with resolutions up to four times higher than standard HDTV 1080p resolution.
It is becoming a new standard for video security systems that require ultra high resolution smart surveillance.

Efficient use of storage maintaining ultra-high resolution

The combination of Smart Stream and H.265 technology maintains clear and high resolution images.
With minimum bandwidth and storage, Reduce unnecessary areas and showing clear image in critical areas.

Panoramic Eyeview with One 4K Sensor

The SF1 camera displays automatic dwarping images from 4K sensors.
Developed from distorted Fisheye images to support panoramic views that minimize distortion similar to human vision.
Without loss of image quality in a clear panoramic view, You can detect and track multiple events that occur in interest areas.


High Power IR LED

CPRO's IR Key product, BT7/BT5 is a high-power IR LED can identify clearly objects up to 40 m (130 ft) without light at all.