RetailTrend Solution

Analyzing the data which are collected by an image sensor with an intelligent image analysis engine on a cloud-based big data platform. Using the analyzed data we syntagmatically provide the Number of offline store visitors, inflow rate, stay time, movement route, gender and age group, etc based on behavioral analytics data and demographic data.

  • People Counting
  • Heatmap
  • Zone Traffic
  • Flow
  • Face

People Counting

RetailCount™ is a service measuring the number of people who are passing at the offline site and analyzes the result makes help for the business.


Heat map

RetailHeatmap™ is a service that allows visitors to intuitively grasp the statistical distribution of behavioral characteristics of visitors by analyzing the metadata of object tracking collected from the sensor as a whole and visualizing it in the form of a heat map.


Zone Traffic

RetailTraffic™ is a service that analyzing the customers’ interest. It sets the specific section and analyze the data which are collected from the sensor to specify the customer’s interest.



RetailFlow™ is a visitor movement analysis service in the background of panoramic view for the first time in Korea based on image. It is used for intuitive and quantitative movement analysis of the overall layout of the store, and provides a notification service when the preset movement range deviates from the band. There are direction map and flow map for RetailFlow™.



By adopting an online FR(face recognition) engine that is deep-learned and constantly updated in a large DB, we achieved the best accuracy by synthesizing a number of online FR engine analysis data with different performance on a retail trend server.