VCA Camera

CPRO’s intelligent camera equipped with intelligent video analytics engine(base on DNN: Deep Neural Network) and Ambarella chip filtering and analyzing the data itself as well as video recording. Our intelligent cameras detect and classify objects with high accuracy, and significantly reduce false alarms caused by field noise such as moving light, leaves, spiders, rain, and wildlife. Operators can monitor only the objects and specific events they want, reducing data processing and response time, and maximizing operational efficiency by saving storage space. It is mainly applied to city surveillance or industrial safety CCTV systems to provide solutions such as human intrusion or loitering, vehicle type recognition, entry-in-and-out counting, and object color analysis.

  • AI Deep
  • High accuracy
    of classification
  • Various
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Intelligent video analytics engine

Introducing the license of the intelligent video analytics engine implemented in AI cameras. There are 3 kinds of licenses. The basic license as objection recognition (PRESENCE) / Adding the object counting function at the PRESENSE (COUNT ) / Detect the objects with high accuracy minimizing the false alarms ( PRO). These licenses are applied as option for AI version.