Security Camera

CPRO is doing both of producing the surveillance cameras and developing the service for the cameras based on 100% of domestic technology with video experts with over 30 years of experience. We mainly develop the analog and network cameras but also have special cameras (multi sensory with patented technology, Fisheye, PTZ, Turret, elevator, thermal, door bell) and general cameras.

  • 4K
  • Multi Sensor
  • Fisheye
  • PTZ
  • Turret
  • Elevator


4K camera can record the video with high sensitivity at the low illumination circumstance. Especially, it could identify the face / people’s action and detailed expression. The great advantage of being able to accurately identify even the smallest details such as car number and car model is introduced to major national facilities like railroads and ports.


Multi Sensor

Multi sensory camera can monitor the simultaneously occur events at the multiple points without blind spot using the two or more sensors. As it can monitor the occurring events of multiple spots that there’s no need to install the many cameras. It is mainly used to monitor large areas such as airports, ports, squares, perimeter surveillance, roads, and city crime prevention.



Fisheye camera is equipped with the 3pcs of IR LED in the black dome. It minimizes the diffuse reflection caused by LED light when camera is recording the video at night. The feature of this camera is, it can provide not only the 360° but also panorama and split mode when connects to F/W.



PTZ(pan/tilt/zoom) camera can remotely control the direction of the camera, magnification of zoom freely and intensively monitor the areas of interest and objects. The feature of PTZ camera is it has excellent quickness and mobility in changing the angle of view, pans up to 360°, and has 30x optical zoom performance. For this reason, PTZ camera can track precisely and navigate extensively.



Turret camera does not have dome cover which covers the camera lens with clear plastic material. As there is no dome cover, it can adjust the lens length without dome cover detachment from camera. The feature of the turret camera is it can record the video vividly without noise which occurred by IR LED diffuse reflection as lens and IR led are separated.



Elevator camera detects the abnormal condition in the elevator(shock / tamper ) with sound and vibration. The three-axis gyro sensor equipped with the camera detects the vibration and indicates the number of floors is identified through machine learning, and displayed as a message in the video. After installing the camera, you can determine the timing of the inspection in advance through the total mileage data.