DW Solution

Digital Watchdog (DW) is a brand of Kaltec Electronics, an American telecommunications and related equipment manufacturer founded in 1987. Since 2008, CPRO has been selling CCTV cameras under the DW brand, a key partner in the North American market. DW provides end-to-end security solutions such as security cameras, storage devices, and video management software, and is recognized for its excellent performance, ranking fourth in the North American security camera and VMS preference surveys.

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End-to-End Video analytics total solution

Introducing the license of the intelligent video analytics engine implemented in AI cameras. There are 3 kinds of licenses. The basic license as objection recognition (PRESENCE) / Adding the object counting function at the PRESENSE (COUNT ) / Detect the objects with high accuracy minimizing the false alarms ( PRO). These licenses are applied as option for AI version.