DW’s Blackjack® servers powered by DW Spectrum® are robust and user-friendly video management solutions, highly optimized to provide unlimited scalability, unmatched bandwidth savings and simplified system setup and management. The architecture is cross-platform supporting Windows®, Linux® and MAC® platforms for complete optimization to match any application.



Rackmount Servers

High-capacity, industry compliant rackmount servers are ideal for any enterprise solution with multiple locations and monitoring capabilities.

SMB and single-location servers

Small yet powerful servers, with setup-and-go installations.

Desktop Servers

Desktop solutions, enterprise capabilities.


Key Technology

DW Spectrum® IPVMS

Access and control from your phone or tablet: Our iPhone® and Android® app allow you to check in on your business from across town or across the country.


Dual Power Supply

Redundacy for reliability.
*On supporting models. See product specifications.

Hot Swappable Drives*

When a drive needs to be replaced, you can easily hot-swap it with a new one, while the system is still running. There is no need to power down and lose important minutes of data to maintain your system's drives healthy and operating.
*On supporting models. See product specifications.

Dual Network Cards

Optimize network bandwidth by utilizing dual network ports, to build a separate network for the surveillance system and keep that traffic off the main network, reserved for the NVR's communication.
*On supporting models. See product specifications.

RAID Storage Mirroring*

Add extra security to your video surveillance system by protecting recorded data and overcoming data loss in the case of a hard drive failure.
*On supporting models. See product specifications.

Next business day onsite hardware repair after remote diagnosis

If an issue occurs with your product that cannot be resolved by phone, DW will dispatch a certified technician to attempt repair of your machine at your place of business, usually the next business day.
*On supporting models. See product specifications.

Keep your drive after replacement to ensure data security

Our Keep Your Drive Warranty delivers users replacement hard drives, without the need to return the defective drives. Users can keep their drives and protect their data and their customer’s privacy.
*On supporting models. See product specifications.

Designed and comissioned in the U.S.A

All DW recorders, workstations and NAS devices are designed, assembled and inspected in our California facility. Each product undergoes multiple levels of quality control to guarantee the highest quality and performance.

ONVIF® conformant

All Blackjack servers, NAS and workstations are ONVIF conformant, allowing users to bring our robust solutions to any surveillance system with other ONVIF components, creating a truly unique solution, to match your specific needs.

Operating Systems

Blackjack servers ofer customization with Windows, Windows Server, Linux and Embedded Linux OS options. Remote monitoring solutions are also available for Android and iOS devices with complete cross-platform compatibility.

OS on dedicated SSD

DW’s servers provide a dedicated SSD for the OS. This results in faster boot time, faster application loading times and improved system responsiveness.

Blackjack Monitoring Workstations

These high performance multi-monitor workstations are powered by DW Spectrum IPVMS and provide the ultimate solution to viewing and monitoring multiple Blackjack servers and multi-sensor Megapix® DWC-PZV2M72T and DWC-PZ21M69T cameras from a single location.


C2P Integration Workstation

The Blackjack® C2P™ Server is a dedicated station to facilitate the integration of DW Spectrum IPVMS with C2P (Convergence to Pixel®) products.