Video Analytics

The VCA engine provides users the ability to automatically analyze video, detect and determine events at the edge. Processing the raw video data in the camera itself, near the source, significantly reduces bandwidth consumption, increases accuracy and reduces response time.

Total Solution

A comprehensive range of cameras, encoders and a cloud service all with analytics can provide a solution to whatever the application.

// Video Analytics
Full range of IP cameras with various analytic rule sets to provide a cost effective and flexible solution for any application

// Video Analytics // Deep Learning
• Add on software to any Windows or Linux platform
• Works with any VMS or NVR
• Provides easy upgrade
• ONVIF compatible

Largest range of Analytic cameras

VA cameras such as 4K, Fisheye, Bubble Free, Panorama, Multi sensor, PTZ and Thermal provide optimal analysis options.

Feature rich

Various analytical rule sets are supported for the best options when selecting cameras and other devices.
It provides basic intelligent video analysis capabilities and additional licenses. More features are available when you upgrade.

Reduce False Alarms by Accurate Object Detection and Classification

VCA is based on a high-quality AI deep-Learning algorithm detecting accurately and classify various object types, including animals, insects, swaying trees, and light change. When the number of false alarms decreases by detecting only the objects you want based on a preset event, you can save time and cost to monitoring. Captured videos and properties of identified objects are stored as meta data. Users can search for events easily and quickly.

AI Deep Learning Filter

It detects and classify objects with 98% high accuracy. And it significantly reduces false alarms caused by field noise such as moving light, leaves, spiders, rain, and wildlife. Operators can monitor only the objects and specific events they want, reducing data processing and response time, and maximizing operational efficiency by saving storage space.