Floor Indicator Camera

With only one camera, it is available to simultaneously ensure both
video surveillance and floor level recognition

Detecting sound and vibration

The three-axis sensor within the camera detects vibration and sound through the sound and microphone, and detects abnormalities in the elevator. After installing the camera, you can data the total distance traveled by the elevator to determine the timing of the inspection.

AI Machine Running to determine the number of elevator floors

AI machine learning identifies the layer information, displays it as a message in the video, and delivers meta data through Onvif, RTSP.


The three-axis sensor attached under the lens

In the distance calculation through the three-axis sensor, * the self-developed matching pattern algorithm has been calibrated to increase accuracy.

* Algorithms defining similar waveforms as group patterns and calibrating real-time data for each interval by separating the initial / middle / end parts during machine running.

Powerful security with one compact camera

One smart and compact mini dome is enough in a thorough security operation.