Multi Sensor


Houses multiple image sensors and lenses in a single enclosure to cover a wide angle of view.
There are various kinds multi-sensor cameras.

Simultaneous surveillance

The multi sensors capturing multiple view can get image with multiple sensors. It performs well in commercial facilities and roads that require close monitoring.


Flexible arrangement with magnetic sensors _ VM5 / VM3

Available four magnetic sensors arrangement easily with the track.
You can get Vertical Top View through Center Position, and 180°, 270°, or 360° View of video.


Easy Tilt and Rotation angle adjustment _ VM5 / VM3 / VM2

User can tilt and rotation the module whatever angle they want.
And adjust the vari-focal lens.

Extended Tilt Angle up to 80°_ VM5

With Aspherical Surface Hemisphere, it can tilt up to 80˚ and minimize areas that are obscured.