With a user-friendly interface and optimized video search tools, DW® Complete Surveillance Solutions enable seamless video management no matter how small or large a single-family home or a building complex is.

Parking Lot / Entrance

Access license plate information and access time are recorded through the vehicle license plate recognition solution.

Support for monitoring without blind spots day and night with one multi-directive camera that can monitor in multiple directions simultaneously.

IR LED capable of identifying vehicle license plates at night.

Apartment complex

It provides clear image quality images through backlight correction, IR, and noise reduction technologies even in the emergency stairs of a low-light environment where light comes into the common entrance and light is not well illuminated.

Optimize the area without cutting the angle of view at a 9:16 ratio suitable for monitoring narrow passages, entrances, and stairs through the corridor view function.

Reliable safety monitoring regardless of the external environment.

Recycling Site

Monitoring areas are set in areas where garbage dumping such as large wastes is habitually generated, and warning broadcasts can be transmitted if new objects are detected.

In the event of unauthorized dumping, an event alarm is generated in the management office to support constant monitoring of unauthorized dumping.