Protecting students and faculty from security risks has become a growing top priority in recent years. DW® Complete Surveillance Solutions gives law enforcement and educators the tools needed to enhance the school’s security and protection needs. By providing state-of-the-art smart motion search, intuitive recording and integration with 3rd party alarms and door locks, DW® helps to address critical safety vulnerabilities throughout campuses, helping prevent crises and provide swift and instant responses in cases of emergencies.

School Gate_Front/Back

High-resolution cameras can monitor students' commuting to and from school and control suspicious people's access to the school.

AI cameras or license plate recognition cameras can be used to capture vehicle and license plate information entering and exiting the school, and quickly search through DW Spectrum if necessary.

Hallway and Stairs

Even in narrow and long corridors, you can monitor the corridor situation in real time without cutting the angle of view through the corridor view function.

It can respond quickly to accidents by detecting screams that can occur in the event of an accident in corridors, stairs, and nearby classrooms.

Through the backlight correction function, images can be clearly monitored even in environments with strong light.

Blind spots and outer areas

Always monitoring using IR camera so that clear video monitoring can be done 24 hours a day.

In order to minimize blind spots, rotating cameras and multi-directive cameras of two or more channels are used to monitor multiple directions at the same time, minimizing blind spots and preventing safety accidents.

In the event of abnormal sound sources such as window breakage or scream, it is possible to detect them and respond quickly through a security manager.