Healthcare facilities require enhanced video solutions to effectively monitor daily operations. Video cameras integrated with intelligent DW® Complete Surveillance Solutions provide added security for medical centers. Its fast video search and instant event notifications prove invaluable for patient and staff protection, reducing theft and allowing for swift resolution on in-hospital incidences.

Entrance Gate

The thermal imaging camera detects heat and controls access to dangerous groups.

If the number of people staying indoors exceeds the set value, internal quarantine will proceed.

Improving the visitor service environment through statistical data.

Operating Room

Accurate and clear surgical process shooting with ultra-high resolution and close-up zoom camera.

Support for video recording/play and quick search using integrated control system.

Meaningful data can be stored for a long time.

Control Room

DW integrated control solution enables simultaneous monitoring of large areas.

It supports event alarms to respond quickly to event situations inside and outside the hospital.

Smart search allows you to quickly search for specific dates/times and events.

CPRO AI solution does not detect movements or meaningless events other than humans, improving control efficiency and enabling quick response to important events.