The key objective remains keeping everyone moving safely and responsibly on the road, optimizing the use of available transportation resources, and responding to traffic events as swiftly as possible.
DW’s Traffic Solution alleviates these concerns altogether, removing the bottlenecks that have long troubled authorities and citizens to keep traffic flowing and help people get where they need to be, in a smarter and smoother way.

Public Transport

24-hour monitoring to protect assets, infrastructure, and passenger safety by providing stable, high-quality images regardless of light and weather in history/vehicle.

When a suspicious object is found or access to a restricted area is detected, an alarm automatically occurs, supporting a quick response through the control room.

Recording a video that's stable even though the car is shaking.

Road and Traffic Safety

Real-time monitoring of traffic conditions on highways and congested sections 24 hours a day.

In the case of urban intersections, monitoring in various directions simultaneously through a multi-directional camera.

When a vehicle stops in an area where parking is not possible for more than a certain period of time or when a vehicle is found driving in a one-way traffic area, the vehicle information is collected by capturing the vehicle number.

Airport and Port

High-resolution cameras equipped with WDR backlight correction and IR and zoom functions monitor stable high-quality images 24 hours a day and night in all areas of the airport, including entrances, parking lots, terminals, duty-free shops, and baggage claim areas.

Safety monitoring of ports, containers, etc. day and night through high-resolution images, IR functions, etc. High-quality video can quickly and easily identify situations in the event of an incident or accident.