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Information and Communication Technology Certification

TTA (Telecommunications Technology Association) ICT Certification Laboratory verifies the functionality, performance, and interoperability among information and communication systems and devices to ensure they meet the requirements specified in communication standards, enabling users to use ICT products and services more efficiently.

TTA Verified test

TTA provides certification services that verify compliance with its own standards for the following technologies: CCTV for video security systems, LwM2M, subscriber terminal functionality for IPTV, LTE-R interoperability, MMoIP, IPv6, and V-PASS. Currently, CPRO has obtained certification and certification marks from TTA based on the established certification standards for video security system equipment (IP cameras, NVRs, wireless video transmission equipment).

Effectiveness of certification system

Firstly, through third-party testing and certification, significant quality improvement and cost savings can be achieved in a short period in terms of quality enhancement and cost reduction. Secondly, from a promotional and marketing perspective, certification from a recognized quality assurance organization enhances customer trust, allowing promotion of certified products through TTA Information and Communication Testing & Certification Laboratory and introduction in TTA journals. Thirdly, from a regulatory benefits perspective, it meets the basic prerequisite for public sector procurement.