With its ability to scale from one to thousands of devices, DW’s Complete Surveillance Solutions make it easy to expand your system from a single location to a nationwide network of branches and locations. Our intuitive user interface allows for seamless live monitoring and playback of all video feeds in a single interface.

Entrance Gate

It is an area that must be passed by to enter the bank and a place where many people come and go, and supports clear video monitoring through high-resolution cameras.

Even in a backlight situation caused by strong sunlight, it is possible to identify a subject through the backlight correction function.

It detects screams from entrances (sound classification/audio detection) and supports quick response to incidents and accidents.

ATM Area

Remote Head cameras and multi-cameras closely monitor the area 24 hours a day and support identifying the situation of the incident even in the event of theft or loss.

When a scream occurs due to an incident or accident that may occur in the ATM area, it detects it (sound classification/audio detection) and sends an alarm to the control room so that security managers can respond quickly to the accident.

Bank Window

Efficient indoor monitoring is possible by installing a 360-degree monitoring camera and a micro dome camera that can monitor images clearly without deteriorating image quality while harmonizing with the bank's interior environment.

In the event of a scream due to a dangerous situation at the bank counter and indoors, it detects it (sorting the sound source/audio) and sends an alarm to the control room to help respond quickly.

Monitoring the counter currency and counter work through a high-resolution camera.