Standard Warranty

The standard warranty period of CPRO’S all the products is 2 years. Warranty period is calculated according to shipment date. Since the standard warranty period is expired, we would charge the repairing cost.

Product Category Standard Warranty
Analogue 2 years
IP 2 years
IP Special 2 years
CPRO shall have not have obligation under this limited warranty
  • The basic warranty period has expired.
  • Defects result from the unauthorized modification, misuse.
  • The damage occurred by natural disaster.
For more information of RMA
  • If you need to return the cameras for RMA purpose, you need to provide at lease one information (MAC address or SN).
  • CPRO has RMA website, if you need more detailed information please visit at rma.cpro-cam.com.
  • Repairing cost different from each camera model type, if you would like to know please kindly contact at st@cpro-cam.com.